1.Question: when will this site get unsecure /mixed content flag?

linktest http://www.play-hookey.com/ this link to unsecure site is not unsecure for this Testseite

link to unknown: content: Homepage of big newssite:spiegelonline.de

link to known unsecure „mixed“ content site here: https://www.lafuchsiakollektiva.de/wasserlandschaften/

Upload image from not secure website:(from desktop)

upload same image from external HDD:

Upload „same“ image Gif->inksscape->4ximg->exported as png

upload a pdf of image for download

reuse known mixed content image from mediathek:INTERSECCIONES-Flyer-06-VS-Flll.png: YES!!! Reuse will make site unsecure

save image to desktop, remove img+ reupload (desktop) to Testseite: Secure

Ich bin zwei Tanks.