Is an interdisciplinary, experimental and creative encounter in Bad Cannstatt



Artists from different disciplines, including dance, music, theatre and visual arts, are discovering public space as an alternative performance venue.

They investigate the potential of Bad Cannstatt’s special space as an exciting meeting space, using the existing data and the backdrop of the district as inspiration for their artistic works.

Historical political and current local issues can be negotiated, such as the special importance of water, the question of mobility or the growing vacancy rate that characterizes the streetscape.

Photos Diethart Verleger 06.06.2022


When: 05. and 06.06.2022, 18:30

Meeting place: Stop Kursaal (Lautenschläger Brunnen)

Stretch: 4 km / 94 Elevation gain / accessible

Duration: ca. 2½ hours

Admission: donation from 5€ cash on site

Registration by E-mail to
Cheerful people and colorful clothes are expressly desired.
Spa Lautenschlägerbrunnen


The artistic performances can be found along a 4km long route through Bad Cannstatt, along which the audience is guided along in the form of a city walk.

Here is the route online with openStreetMaps.

kann.statt.frei – Route

kann.statt.frei meaning “can.instead” you can exchange: “free. instead of.can.” If you can do something, are you no longer free? In the artistic laboratory workshop, encounters between artists and residents o the Bad Cannstatt district are sought.

Laboratory days


They will take place in May 2022.

What happens at the laboratory days?

The artists try out their ideas.

Where do they take place?

On the planned route of the city walk in Bad Cannstatt.

kann.statt.frei – Documentation of laboratory. Justyna Koeke and Luis Hergón. [->link intern]

kann.statt.frei – Documentation of laboratory. Yahi Nestor Gahe. [->link intern]
kann.statt.frei – Documentation of laboratory. Lisa Kistenmacher. [->link intern]
kann.statt.frei – Documentation of laboratory. Sophie Pope. [->link intern]
kann.statt.frei – Documentation of laboratory. Coline Petit. [->link intern]
kann.statt.frei – Documentation of laboratory. Catalina Cadavid
kann.statt.frei – Dokumentation des Labors. Im Gespräch mit Dahab Paulos
kann.statt.frei – Dokumentation des Labors. Im Gespräch mit Daniel Kartmann


At the art laboratory kann.statt.frei. freelance artists from Stuttgart and the region who have experience or interest in interdisciplinary exchange and artistic work in public space participate.

photo © Victor Hugo

Catalina Cadavid

Singer, interdisciplinary artist, performer, singing teacher

photo © Coline Petit

Coline Petit

designer, performing artist, stage and figure builder

photo © Regina Brocke

Dahab Paulos

freelance actress and narrator

For me, art in public space means making public space appear in private light.

photo © Bettina Meister

Daniel Kartmann

musician and composer

Art in public space draws attention to the environments through which we might otherwise wander thoughtlessly. Past and future merge into the present.

photo © Jeiny Cortes

Jeiny Cortes

actress, director, theatre scholar and theatre pedagogue

photo © Johanna Keßler

Johanna Keßler

performer in puppet, make-up and body theatre and freelance artist in stage and costume design

For me, art in public space is the opportunity to create an exchange that lies outside personal boundaries and potentially appeals to and connects all people.

photo © Justyna Koeke

Justyna Koeke

performative artist

Art in public space: Public sharing and participation in current art discourses.

Lisa Kistenmacher

freelance dancer and movement artist

photo © Luis Hergón

Luis Hergón

actor, performing artist, theatre pedagogue and director

Art in public space is a direct mirror with the ability to transform reality and society.

photo © Yahi Nestor Gahe

Yahi Nestor Gahe

dancer, actor and performer

The artistic events, the arts in public space, an unlimited space, change in structure and architecture, depending on the positions between spectators and performers, which are not easy to define.

photo © Sophie Pope

Sophie Pope

composer, conductor and trombonist

Encountering art in everyday life | Expand perception and perspective | Spontaneous / unprepared reactions | Art as an unlimited experience

Artistic Director

photo © Jeiny Cortes

Magda Agudelo

freelance artist, actress and performer

Performative art in public space is a surprising phenomenon that interrupts the ordinary events of an urban place. It’s like lightning. Either you noticed them or simply missed them.


photo © John-Barrera

Johana Gomez

freelance and visual artist, stage and costume designer

photo © Theresa Bürkle

Theresa Bürkle

Ethnologist, theatre pedagogue, cultural scientist and cultural manager

With the idea of the project kann.statt.frei, through artistic and choreographic practices to explore a place like Bad Cannstatt, the public space in which we move every day also becomes a space of encounter, action and interaction. 


Hans Peter Lutsch

Jan Cafuk

Manuel Hottmann

… kann.statt.frei uses these potentials [of Bad Cannstatt, editor’s note] for a surprising and multifaceted networked journey of discovery, which, through its publicity and openness, reminds a broad audience of the hidden subtleties of this contrasting district.

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A heartfelt thank you to all helpers, without whom this project would not have taken place.