In the showroom, fried slices of cooking banana (Patacónes) are hung, arranged like a pre-Columbian gold sculpture. African slaves brought the plantain to Latin America; one of many cooking banana dishes took on the new continent the name of a colonial currency: Patacón. The installation stimulates the senses, invites you to enjoy, but also to think. The “exotic” dish, which looks like gold, is a symbol of plunder, racism and globalization.

Two weeks before the premiere of BANANA ISLAND, the apokalyptischen tänzer*innen, La Fuchsia Kollektiva e.V. and the production office schæfer & sœhne invite to a prologue and deepen scientific, documentary and artistic perspectives on the banana together with their guests. It is about colonialism, world trade, racisms and representation – in lectures, workshops, artistic contributions and film screenings.



15.11.2019 – Theater Rampe – Stuttgart (DE)
17.11.2019 – Theater Rampe – Stuttgart (DE)
18.11.2019 – Theater Rampe – Stuttgart (DE)
25.04.2022 – Theater Rampe – Stuttgart (DE)
27.04.2022 – Theater Rampe – Stuttgart (DE)